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var accepts = require('accepts');
var req = Object.create(http.IncomingMessage.prototype)
module.exports = req
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Frequently asked questions
Which programming languages do you support?
You can test your coding typing speed in JavaScript, Python, C, Go, Assembly (16-bit x86), Machine Code, and Java
Coding Speed Test was inspired by this typing speed test. Check it out to test your regular typing skills!
Is this programming typing test free to use?
Yes, the coding speed test is completely free. If you enjoyed using it, please share it with your friends :)
What are WPM and CPM?
WPM stands for words per minute and CPM stands for characters per minute. They are both ways of measuring your typing speed.
What is the best way to practice and improve your typing speed as a programmer?
The best way to improve your programming typing speed is to practice typing code. Code uses a higher frequency of special characters than natural language, so normal typing practice tests aren't as effective. You can also try improving your typing setup (e.g. better keyboard + desk) and not looking at your keyboard when typing ("touch typing").
How is typing code different from typing natural language?
Programming languages use a much higher frequency of special characters, like the semicolon ";", curly brackets "{}", parenthesis "()", equal sign ("=") and more. This makes the coding speed test harder than normal typing speed tests (unless you are a very experienced programmer!).